«4cc^4 '.'/«■ÜÉI iipj ■fag Industrial •- the last ounce of drama out of the unusual subject. The strong arrow shape carrying the name of the parasite acts like a pointing finger of condemnation, while the fluid shape in which the copy is set, suggests the inroads into the wood made by the beetle. Truly a brilliant use of dynamic realism. 61 t&ÊK-» f$H* ^•h*P?:*tbi i;p;l"^' wgsww v v if takes at sorts of weird tastes to make a world, and you will not be surprised to learn that there are insects and parasites which look upon glue much as you and I might look upon strawberries or oysters If the insects were content merely to remain looking upon the glue, it wouldn't matter very much, but they feed on itand plywood manufacturers don't like it because things become unstuck. For a 'ong time Lepisma Saccharina and her offspring had it pretty much their own way. Then B.I.P. made a glue which insects and parasites loathe like poison. For adhesive power it is equal to the best. It resists weathering and even boiling. One trade after another is dis covering how useful Plastic materials can be, through the helo and advice of British Industrial Plastics Ltd.which are at your service, too BRITISH INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS LIMITED IDEAL HOUSE ARGYLL STREET LONDON WI Advertisement Designer E. F. Ballard. AgentCecil D. Notley Advertising Ltd. Advertiser British Industrial Plastics Ltd

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 63