ftructuYal Unity The Shell Tube card, and the two pamphlet covers shown in colour, all exhibit the value of structural unity if a number of complex elements are to be made into a strong design. The dissociated elements in the Shell card relate themselves together spatially by means of the complementary angles of i lettering and pictures, the whole design being stabilised by the hand placed horizontally across the vertical left-hand edge of the light shape. This edge dividing the design exactly in the middle, helps also to relate the whole to the rectangle in which it is housed. The Baynard Press cover derives its strength from the tension set up between the horizontal placing of the parts, and the vertical direction of the uprights of the scrolls and the down-strokes of the letters. The structural unity of the design is further assisted by the echoing of the colours and textures. In the Orcades cover, although there seem to be many more elements than in the previous one, the subtle interpenetration of these elements links them together into a strong simple design. The tension here is between the foreground and the background. The lettering and the lyre form themselves into a cohesive whole against an infinity of space. 63 Tube card Designer Tom Gentleman. AgentRegent Advertising Service Ltd. Advertiser Shell-Mex B.P. Ltd. Printer J. Weiner Son Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 65