fcale One of the first principles of good poster and booklet cover design is that they should attract the eye. To do this properly a work must have scale. All four designs in this spread are witness to this assertion. Scale is not to be confused with size alone, for a small work can have scale as well as a big one. Scale is, in fact, entirely a matter of proportion within the design, setting up a contrast between the sizes of the various elements. The Shell poster creates its effect by the contrast in size between the compact realism of the aeroplane photograph, and the large flat shapes creating the sense of an enormous three-dimensional special field surrounding it. In the Friends Overseas booklet cover, Bawden uses a second colour in a bold structural way to make a contrast in scale to the smaller more detailed elaborations of the pen-drawn ele ments, and, at the same time, to knit them together into a simple arresting silhouette. The sense of scale in the Anchor booklet is partly contrived by the inclusion of a design too large within a space too small. The cutting off of the repetitive design suggests that there is more of it than meets the eye. Curiously enough, in the case of the Orion design, a sense of scale is here contrived by the exactly opposite meansthat is the inclusion of a design too small in a space too large <64 Poster Designer E. McKnight Kauffer. AgentRegent Advertising Service Ltd. Advertiser Shell-Mex B.P. Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 66