Exaggeration YOU FISH WITH A TUBE? Tell the Sergeant-Major that I'll be there in 15 minutes. Explain that I'm just enjoying a CHURCHMAN'S No. I ACCLES POLLOCK I have chosen the four advertisements shown here as good examples of exaggeration, dramatically used to create an unusual and striking effect. In the Churchman advertisement the idea itself is an amusing over-statement—its very impossibility as a happening in life, like a good farce, holds our attention and makes us laugh. Having won the reader's interest the implication that Churchman s are good cigarettes is absorbed unconsciously. The proportions of the advertisement are good. The simple cut-out half-tone reminiscent of a magazine illustration first attracts our attention—creating the right mood before reading the text below— wherein, of course, lies the real message. The Accles and Pollock advertisement demonstrates visual exaggeration whereby the actual product is shown in over-life size which enlarges its significance just as 68 Churchman's No. 1 Cigarettes Famous for their Fine flavour 10for7d. 20 for 1/2 Advertisement AgentF. C. Pritchard, Wood Partners Ltd. Advertiser W. A. A. C. Churchman If you're a fisherman you've seen or will see the apollo tubular steel fishing rods. We make them. You may not be an enthusiast with the fly but the point is chat if we can draw a steel tube to the fine limits needed For a fly rod there is very little we can't do to a steel tube. Hundreds of things you handle every day are made from steel tubes in your business-there may be something you make, something you use thac would be better if made from steel tubes. Ask Accles Pollock about it. LTD., OLDBURY, BIRMINGHAM Makers and manipulators of weldless steel tubes Advertisement Designer E. F. Ballard AgentCecil D. Notley Advertising Ltd. Advertiser Accles Pollock Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 70