Clarity Tg g HIGHWAY COQE AN EXHIBITION OPPOSITE BOND ST STATION SEPARATE DEPARTMENT FOR MEN CHARING CROSS UNDERGROUND As types of clear expression in a poster I have chosen here two extremes. The Highway Code is a brilliant example of very difficult material admirably co-ordinated. The designer clarifies by simple visual analysis an abstract notion of behaviour. It is unfortunate that it cannot be seen here in colour, because the colour plays a part in linking the phrase Highway Code with the picture. This picture is "surrealist" in that the imposition of eyes and ears for heads underlines the necessity of super-awareness on the part of pedestrians in traffic. Also, such an unusual visual idea imports an interest and curiosity-appeal into a subject which would otherwise make dull poster material. The Lilley Skinner design is of a totally different order. Here we have objective in place of subjective clarity. The actual shoe is shown like a precious jewel on the pedestal of an elegant hand and arm. Again the design loses by not being shown here in colour. The delicate drawing, and the pink of the shoe against the star-spangled blue splodge, state the case for feminine luxury with absolute clarity. 70 by THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT FROM IS NOV. to 10 DEC. TICKET HALL Poster DesignerH. Schleger Poster DesignerReynaldo Luza Advertiser: London Passenger Transport Board Advertiser: Lilley Skinner Ltd. Printer Waterlow Sons Printer Peal Ashdown Hart Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 72