BELGIUM POUR CIGARETTE ET PIPE E. V. QUESTIER Owing to bi-lingualism in Belgium, posters to have the widest possible appeal must needs be very sparing in the use of letterpress. It is the artist who has to tell the whole tale and letterpress can only indicate the name of the product and little else. There is a definite trend towards a simplified, straightforward symbolisma happy face for a smoke, a pair of charming Watteau-esque figures for a sweetand for many products or services, the more esoteric, yet effective symbolism of which Marfurt remains the unquestioned master. Unusual, but visually effective. Industries Fairs, here, as elsewhere, like symbols. A simple but strong reminder. HI H 71 Section contributed by 'ujSO gff

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 73