ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Editors wish to express their thanks to the following who have compiled, or supplied material for the Illustrated Sections: Ashley HavindenN. W. Ayer Son Inc. of Phila delphia, U.S.A.W. F. Gouwe of the Instituut voor Sier-en Nijverheidskunst, the Hague L. Fritz Gruber; Harlang Toksvig of Copenhagen; Piras Ltd., of PraguePubbli- cita Ricciardi of Milan; E. V. Questier; Charles Rosner; T. B. Schyberg of Ekspress- reklame A/S, Oslo; A. Stavenow of the Swedish Society of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm; Tolmer of Paris; M. F. Waefler and the Swiss Officeforthe Development of Trade, Lausanne; and to all those Advertisers, Agents, Designers and Photographers, Printers and Producers who have co-operated in providing illustra tions for this volume.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 8