O NELLA PRODUZIONE DEI TESSILI NAZIO NALI E NEL CAMPO DELLA LORO UTILIZ ZAZIONE LA "REMRERG" RECA AL SER VIZIO DEL PAESE UNA TRADIZIONÉ LUMINOSA ED UN PRESTIGIO INSIGNE IN this short survey of Italian publicity, particular emphasis is laid, because of their typically national character, on the manifestations of publicity in the service of autarchy." This widespread movement has given rise to publicity campaigns, re ferred to as battles," for the production or consumption of grain, grapes and wines, rice, sugar, fish, fruit, silk and rayon, aluminium, coal and the substitutes for wool and cotton (lanital, canapa, suiafiocco, cisalfa, etc.). From all of which efforts comes an ever more important activity in publicity reflecting the collective and corporative character of the modern a Q2

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 94