1 'magia dilunga vita... £o*tjf I 1 J New scope for development is thus revealed to publicity, whose ultimate limits cannot today be foreseen, but which in the long run is bound to fulfil the supreme mission of publicity in the modern statethat of creating, by collective methods, the psychological atmosphere which will best aid the growth of production and the prosperity and security of the Nation. 95 RISO IT A LI A N 0 CONSUMATE PJESCE 1 i "OHiUllU "«H» d, J da, ><W 1 7 BAMDITE LE PREVENZIOMI suscitase dat ncord< dei o guerra. froppe s-pevso com tu to riso estero maf co-o ma Con sum ate ogni gtomc- che poietv 1 in cen'o m san-l; econom NA/IC

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