'Up-and-at-'em' menwear for 'off-duty' hours EVERYWHERE AGENTS JAEGER 97 ortfc*k»« of a NAIL Fhr shoe was k»« i For the loss j of rf»e shoe The Korte was lost For the loss of the horse The rider was lost; For the loss of a rider The Katie was lost; For the loss of the battle A Kingdom j Has lost I All. FOR Cool heads go with warm bodies JAEGER siren suits in wool and camel-hair are practical pieces of m'odern designing lust what you need for the shelteras comfortable as JAEGER material can make DAKS At home on brief leave or at rest after the long day's work both soldiers and home frontiers-men delight to get into Daks. And no wonder Daks are built to give you perfect bodily ease. They free your limbs need no constraining belt, and control your shirt comfortably. You can get them in all sorts of serviceable fabrics from the coolest flannels to the toughest corduroy. And how they stand up to a hard life Make Daks your off-duty uniform like thousands of other men. You'll find they outlast any two other pairs of ordinary trousers. 37 /6 frbm Simpson agents in every town, or Simpson, 202 Piccadilly, London, W.l. 3. Boarded up shop front. Advertiser Charbonnel et Walker, Ltd. Artist Norman H. Harrison. 4. Window display. Advertiser: Jaeger Ltd. Designer: Gillian Crawshay- Williams

Modern Publicity en | 1941 | | page 101