1at50r"fk Ts)0 beaten by rubber! LET US DO THE SPADE- WORK! relies on rubber HAVE YOU GOT OSTRICH BLOOD?' RUBBER AND ANTI-SHRINKING ENGINEERS IN RUBBER ENGINEERS IN RUBBER 1 and 2. AdvertisersBritish Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd. Agents Dorland Advertising Ltd. Designer Dorland Advertising Studio. 3 and 4. AdvertiserSanforized-Shrunk Service. Agents Colnian, Prentis and Varley Ltd. BRITISH TYRE AND RUBBER COMPANY LIMITED H ERG A HOUSE VINCENT SQUARE LONDON S.W.I TYRES BELTING'- HDSE TUBING BRITISH TYRE AND RUBBER COMPANY LIMITED HERGA HOUSE VINCENT SQUARE LONDON S.W.I TYRES BELTING HDSE TUBING: Inset illustration shows B.T.R De-icers breaking up ice on leading edges of wings A CONTRIBUTION of vital importance to safer flight, in Peace or War, is B.T.R. De-Icing Equipment. Large numbers of R.A.F. long distance bombers now enjoy the protection of B.T.R. De-icers. The B.T.R system is unique because it breaks up ice formations by direct, positive mechanical action Rubber tubes, encased in 'overshoes' fitted to the leading edges of the wings, are actuated by a mechanical pump which, at the touch of a switch, inflates and deflates the tubes alternately This pulsating action cracks and disperses ice instantly, completely. Thus another peril of the air has been mastered. And once more B.T.R engineers have devised a new application of rubber in the service of Industry There is a B.T.R. rubber for every Industrial need. Rubbers that defy the corrosive action of boiling acids or solvent oils; rubbers that resist the trip hammer blows of falling ore and rock; rubbers with a tensile strength of 5,000 lb. per sq. in. and rubbers that withstand abrasive wear longer than steel rubber soft enough to damp out vibration in delicate machines or mighty presses. AN outstanding example of B.T.R achievement in rubber technology is the Cutless Rubber Bearing. Every boat built to attack World Speed Records for ten years has been equipped with Cutless Bearings. There can be no doubt that they made a notable contribution to Sir Malcolm Campbell's record speed of 141.74 miles an hour The fast Motor Torpedo Boats now scouring our Island Seas rely upon the same water-lubricated, trouble-free sleeves, lined with rubber that outwears lignum vita? or metal The bonding of rubber to metal by the B.T.R. Vulcalock process is a note worthy feature of the Cutless Bearing. Thanks to this exclusive technique, the softest rubber can be positively welded to metal with an adhesion exceeding 500 lb. per square inch. A wide variety of new applications was thus opened up—such as rubber-lined tanks and pipes, rubbered metal sheeting, pump and chute linings, vibro-insulators, etc. The same unrivalled knowledge and experience that created Cutless Bearings and the Vulcalock process are at your service. B.T.R. engineers in rubber are ready and eager to collaborate with your own technicians in the search for new ways and means whereby rubber can make the wheels of Industry run more swiftly, more smoothly and at greater profit SANrOR!2ED-SHRUNK SERVICE. ST. JAMES HOUSE. 44. 8RAZENNOSE STREET, MANCHESTER 2 SANFORIZED - SHRUNK SERVICE, ST. JAMES- HOUSE. 44. 3RAZENNOSE STREET. MANCHESTER 2 A respectable conservative bird, the Ostrich but hardly built for present-day conditions Similarly, we've heard tell of respectable conservative business men good fellows, honest merchants, decent citizens who have not yet rallied to the Sanforized '-Shrunk idea because they failed to recognise how •Sanforized'- Shrunk could help them personally. Here's the answer At any time, but particularly at the present daythe public wants full value for the money it spends. Trade is not easy these days, whether you are buying or selling. There are enough immediate day-to-day problems facing the trade, and business men find it increasingly difficult to attend to the long-term view. This is where we can heip you. We're equipped to carry out this spade work. First, we build up public confidence. Everywhere, people are talking and thinking in terms of economy. If he buys goods that have been Sanforized "-Shrunk, the purchaser feels sure that every penny spent has been wisely invested for, however often they journey to the washtub, they will never turn traitor by losing thetr fit and smartness they're dependable. Dresses, children's frocks, underclothes, utility garments, uniforms, shirts-all are obtainable Sanforized "-Shrunk. Remember—they're not just "pre-shrunk"! They have been shrunk, to stay put. Cotton goods (hat have been 'Sanforized'- Shrunk provide trade and consumer alike with jus! the reassurance they have been looking for. They are a really sound investment one that never fails to give complete and lasting satisfac tion. The oldest disadvantage of cotton and linen goods has been swept awaynever to reappear. Goods that bear the Sanforized '-Shrunk mark have been shrunk scientifically perma nently not just pre-shrunk." However often they're washed, they will never lose their smart ness and serviceability- 109

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