paper shortage REMOTE CONTROL FÏFYTRÏF bete tarye bomber2„000 invend iary bombsso many Jives that no/ire hriyade could deed wtth them «««oa so pat oat your own fire BOOKLETS AND LEAFLETS has necessarily curtailed much printed work, but we would like you to know that we still have large quantities of oddments and offcuts of many qualities of papers, suitable for leaflets, booklets and stationery Grangewood 0012-3 1 2 1. Leaflet. Advertiser: The Curwen Press Ltd. 2. Front Cover of Booklet. Advertiser Coventry Climax Engines Ltd. Agents Stuart's Advertising Agency Ltd. Printers The Curwen Press Ltd. 4. Front Cover of Booklet. Advertiser The S. S. White Co., Ltd. Agents and DesignersRobert Sharp and Partners Ltd. JR.. .Mi j ..M,.j M M.J M—i EL 3. Leaflet. Advertiser J. A. King and Co., Ltd. 112 TRENCHES AND SHELTERS Pre-cast Concrete Shelter Lining in accordance with approved Home Office Design No. 704326 9 possesses unique features, being designed in rigid framed units, free from rebates and highly resistant to collapse. This lining has been adopted by more than 60 Local Authorities throughout Great Britain. DESCRIPTION The rigid frames, clearly seen In the photograph, are strengthened at the haunches, and form a rigid one-piece unit. There are three types of lining available, Home Office 5-ft. (Lighc and Heavy) and a 7-ft. wide system of the Air Ministry type, all approved by the Home Office. ERECTION Can be easily erected by semi-skilled labour. ACCOMMODATION 7-ft. shelters specially suitable for Factories, Works, Air-Rald Warden Shelters. First- Aid Fosts, etc Alternative accommodation can be constructed by standard Home Office 5-ft. wide trenches, and Messrs. J. A. King Co.. Ltd.. will be pleased to submit suitable schemes and estimates for any particular conditions and any number of persons to be accommodated. P. 17

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