i G. S. ROYDS LTD. Advertisers' Agents KEEP FIT! AIR RAIDS WELLINGTON HOUSE, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.2 V B u/mers Cider HOSPITALS now Personal Fitness is Essential to the National Effort Worth a Guinea a Box Help the G. S. ROYDS LTD. are glad to supplement this record of Advertising in war-time with a few proofs from their own hies In many directions we have reason to be proud, to be confident, to be grateful. W ol 1» tron. obtaining tbc u»ual oppor, uimtkü to takt regular curcitt, ami in many ron-uipat^nn rmults Thtt produced viek Iwadarlicd. lavotude irnj may. il neglected. Tike Nation'» Mand-bv against constipation for nearly 100 years has been Beenham» Pills A dose at night, when needed, gives safe and PLEASE NOfE THIS ADDRESS WRITE TO IT, NOW! I THE LORD MAYOR'S NATIONAL AIR-RAID DISTRESS FUND MAhSION HOUSE, E.U Thr. space has been ihnated by r- Beechams Pills Lui., Si. Helens j How doth the little Boaverbrook improve the shining hour He hustles Spitfires from the'shops" I'he upper air to scour. Observe then on this Tobv Jug His features tin rela\| I hat grin comes closer, as we drink (in Bulmer's) to our Max. 2* lbs. of apples to every fiagon nude g,iod, >n Hone tc.pnoj u 1 We pay tribute to Bird's Custard. This pioneer among British Advertisers has maintained a full schedule of bookings since September 1939. 2 Bondman, too, has advertised consistently. 7 We shall win, because we retain our sense of humour. 8 We happened to see a bombed hospital so we wrote this ad. Beechams of St. Helens paid for its appearance in many papers. 3 Coalite enabled us to celebrate the victory of The River Plate. 9 We had the job of formulating the first Ministry of Food campaign. 4 Brylcreem the hairdressing with the world's largest sale in pre-war days gained yet more prodigious popularity until the quota was introduced. 5 Wars have never affected the currency of this grand old trooper. Worth a guinea a box is still the classic slogan. This supports the Mansion House Distress Fund for Air-Raid Victims. Great things are said of London in these days the name of her Lord Mayor should be coupled with these tributes. 10 The Blitz of August 1940 irritated us so we bought space in "The Times" for a house ad. 11 Pretty obvious, maybe but we said it. 12 This most recent account to enter the office must stand as a reminder of our steady normal activity on behalf of fifty commercial products. ADVT.

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