ADJUSTMENT OF IDEAS THE TECHNIQUE PRACTICE OF ADVERTISING ART The limitation of supplies and the existing severe paper rationing haveof necessity, made an adjustment in our ideas of advertising media. We are now very exportminded. Trade must go out for export sales if it is to survive. The most direct method to reach these overseas markets at the present time is by advertising in those periodicals which enjoy an established overseas circulation. To manufacturers of quality products The Studio is an obvious choice. It has enjoyed a world circulation since 1893. If the home market is temporarily closed new markets are waiting and The Studio has been highly prized in them for nearly 50 years. It is not a mushroom growth, recently found to exploit your need, but an old- established magazine with a world-wide reputation for quality. An opinion from America— Let us turn to England for inspiration the British continue monthly to publish art magazines from their besieged land. Lying on our desk the July number of The Studio is as eloquent a testimony of the British spirit as a fighting speech by Winston Churchill Prominent business firms continue to buy large advertising space in the magazine Galleries announce Art Exhibitions Britons are supporting The Studio, advertisers, contributors and subscribers. To them, The Studio, as much as a battleship, is a symbol of Britain's might Extract from Editorial article in The American Artist. The Studio Limited are also publishers of Decorative Art, Modern Photography and Art Industryideal media in their respective spheres. Let us send you full particulars. An illustrated compendium of all the available knowledge on Advertising Art. Analyses of all types of work, guidance in style and technique, and in studio management, practical explanations of reproduction processesall the inside information for artist, art buyer everyone in advertising. Here is a most painstaking book. The publishers claim that it covers every detail of the artistic, the technical and the business side of the subject and my word it does with illustrations galore In short, it's several lifetime experiences rolled into one."Art and Industry. 4Q| BY R. P. HYMERS net LEONARD SHARPE SIR ISAAC PITMAN SONS, LTD. THE STUDIO LTD.. 66 Chandos Place, W.C.2 PARKER STREET, KINGSWAY, W.C.2 SSLI*.mm .353? XXVI ADVT.

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