FEBRUARy Events move so swiftly that he is a bold man who will hazard a guess. What will the day bring forth Who can say Only of one thing can we be certainthat whatever happens and in whichever corner of the world it takes place, you will hear about it immediately on all-wave radio. From Rome, Paris or Moscow comes the news. From America comes informed, unoensored comment on that news. And with a 1940 Philips, you get it all. Today you can listen to history being made. See your dealer. Learn all about the new Philips sets. THE WORLD OVER, THIS EMBLEM MARKS THE FINEST RADIO SEND TODAY FOR YOUR PHILIPS WAR-TIME RADIO GUIDE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TODAY? Philips 1940 Range consists of 4 table models, a console and a radiogram, ranging in price from £9 5 o to £26 10 o. These are mains models. For listeners without mains supply, there are two new battery receivers at £7 10 o and £9.5.0, and a portable at £9 15 o. PHILIPS MODEL 735. 5-valve all-wave superhet receiver with extended short- waveband down to 13 m. £14.1 U.U H.P. terms available UA} To Philips Lamps Ltd., Dept. E.i, Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.C.2. I'lease send me Philips War-Time Radio Guide including a world map in colour, timetable of foreign news in English, and an interest ing folder on short wave broadcasting, for which I enclose 2d. in stamps. NAME ADDRESS

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