RED POINT as you've never worked before ...but don' forget this FILMS WORK HARD This film programme can be surveyed under three headings 1. Commercial theatre films, 2. Cinema vans, 3. Library films. Firstly, special films were produced for exhibition in cinemas. Arrangements made between the Ministry of Information and the Cinema Exhibitors Association enabled the National Savings Com mittee to show periodically their propaganda films in cinemas, and one of the first pictures to be issued under this arrangement had a national release in over 4,000 cinemas during a period from three to four weeks. These films were dramatic entertain ments (the first, entitled Albert's Savings featured Stanley Holloway), and they soon won genuine popularity with cinema audiences. The idea of a travelling cinema show, which would collect its audience at a selected pitch, was tried out in the summer, and the entertainment provided was good enough not only to attract but to hold audiences. Sixteen vans travelled about the country, visiting cities and towns, showing a few short sound films. Programmes lasted from forty-five minutes to an hour. A speaker accom panied each van, and followed up the show with a brief talk on the whole Savings Campaign. The sites chosen were usually a market square, or a school playground, or any open space where an audience could assemble without obstructing traffic. The shows were generally arranged in collaboration with the local National Savings Committee. A library of short films, silent and talking, was also accumulated by the National Savings Com mittee for lending to local Committees and Groups. They were sent on loan without charge and occasionally films used by the travelling vans were adapted for use by the film library. MEDIA TEAM WORK Perhaps the National Savings Campaign, as a whole, affords one of the best instances of team work with a great variety of media. It was launched in November 1939 by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in co-operation with the National Savings Movement. Thereafter posters, press advertising, films, displays, and radio talks were all timed to give continuous support to the propa ganda theme. This expertly planned activity, which steadily refreshed the public mind, must have exercised a potent influence, for the response to the appeal during the year 1940 reached the vast total of £475,000,000. Having examined some aspects of two large- scale Government campaigns, attention should be given to the character underlying most of the appeals. Everything sponsored or planned by the Government has been affected by two circumstances. First of all, there is the innate willingness of people to volunteer for jobs of every kind, good, bad, hard, boring, and dangerous. (This willing- FITNESS CONES FIRST RICH RUBY WINE 19 POINT We've got to keep fitwe've got to make good the wear and tear of everyday work and worry. Here's a useful recipea glass of rich, ruby Red Point wine as a reward for the day's work, to put new life into you to give you a fresh start. Produced with the finest imported grape-juice, Red Point is yours to enjoy for 3/6d. a bottle. *Red Point is a rich ruby wine of Port character. You should also try White Point, at the same price, a white sweet wine of Port character. OVAL QUART - 51- HALF FLASK - l/IO QUARTER FLASK 1/2 PRODUCED AND BOTTLED BY VINE PRODUCTS LTD. KINGSTON SURREY

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