All together now! SAVE to WIN the WAR NATIONAL SAVINGS COMMITTEE in your firm today Get together and form a War Savings Group 31 /nve^fmenf Tax this is source. not deducted at the 3% Defence Bonds are a Full Trustee security so advantageous to the holder that no individual may hold more than £1,000 in these Bonds. Here are points that everyone ought to know about 3% Defence Bonds Price of Issue-£100 per cent. Repayable after 7 years with a premium of £1 on every £100. Interest 3% per annum paid half yearly May 1st and' November 1st. Bonds commence to earn interest from date of purchase. They can be bought in sums of £5 and multiples of £5. Though interest is liable to Income You can cash them at any time on six months' notice at the same price as you gave for them plus any in terest accrued to date of repayment. In case of private emergency special arrangements can be made for repayment within a few days, less a deduction equal to six months' interest. Save regularly week by week. Go to a Pott Office or your Bank or Stockbroker and put your money into Öefence Bonds or National War Bonds; or buy Savings Certificatesor deposit your savings in the Post Office or Trustee Savings Banks. Join a Savings Group and make others join with you. SAVINGS CERTIFICATE GIFT TOKENS are now on sale at Post Offices They can be exchanged by the recipient for Savings Certificates which grow in value year by year. These Gift Tokens are presents that everybody will appreciate. They are both practical and patriotic. Give as many as you can for Christmas. Tokens for t, a, 3, 4, or s Certificates can be obtained at alt Money Order Post Officestokens for 10 or jo Certifi cates at Head Post Offices, THE NATION'S CHRISTMAS CARD free IF you buy savings stamps This most attractive Christmas Card has spaces for thirty 6d. Savings Stamps and is a novel Greeting and Gift combined. Solve your Christmas Gift problem by sending this card to your family and friends particularly to your young friends with as many Savings Stamps as you can afford. The card is free at any Post Office and should be posted in a sealed envelope. Gre«t your friends and help your Country Issued by The National Savings Committee, London. PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS Savings Campaign. National Savings Committee. Agents Collaboration between W. S. Crawford Ltd., S. H. Benson Ltd., London Press Exchange Ltd., Rumble, Crowther Nicholas Ltd., Dorland Advertising Ltd., and Alfred Pemberton Ltd. When there's a big joh of work to be done it's a British instinct to "lend a hand." Today Britain is faced with the biggest job of work in all history to defeat the evil forces of Nazidom .once and for all—and in the shortest possible time. We can't all fight with weapons in our hands but everyonemen, women and children, too can give direct, continuous and per sonal help by saving as much as they can every week and lending it to the Nation. Join a Savings Group Here's the simplest methodjoin a War Savings Group (or help to form one in your workshop, office or school). Your weekly savings will, all put together, make up a great and ever-growing volume of money to back up our fighting forces with ample supplies and equipment. And remember, too, all the time you are putting by this money you are saving for your own and your children's future. Apply to your local Savings Committee, The National Savings Commissioner for your Region, or to the National Savings Committee London, S.W.I. Every business organisation is asked to form a War Savings Group now. It's easy to arrange. So get one going amongst your fellow-workers, or tell your boss "We want to start a Savings Group right away." Group Savings begin earning interest immediately. They provide for your future, and for your country's security. They give your country the might and the power to hasten the end of the war. Apply to your local Savings Committee or to the National Savings Committee, London, S.W.1. LEND TO DEFEND THE RIGHT TO BE FREE ISSUED BY THE NATIONAL SAVINGS COMMITTEE

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