LAmxij UP HOUSEWIVES AND AT EMf hi: on Tin: safe sum: BTYOUli ORDERED Hour./ COAL AND SALVAGE CAMPAIGNS HERE ARE FOUR THINGS YOU SHOULD DO ONCE YOUR CELLAR IS FULLKEEP IT FULL! HCLPTOWINTHe "BONES! lyATTie OF BRITAIN AT YOUR. OWN &A6K-OOOB "METAL! "PAPER! 32 UP HOUSEWIVES AND AT 'EM!" PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS 1 and 3 Coal Campaign. Mines Department of Board of Trade. Agents Greenly's Ltd. 2 and 4 Salvage Campaign. Ministry of Supply. Agents Greenly's Ltd. The winter may bring transport problems. So it's obviously a wise move to order Coal and Coke now, while the going's good But if it doesn't come at oncedon't worry. Your merchant is doing his best to cope with the rush. And please don't press for any particular kind of coalthere are other qualities which will su;i you just as well Start saving fuel, too. Here are four useful hints Sift and use aft cinders. '2 Insulate (I.e. wrap with felt or suitable material) hot water pipes and tanks to retain heat. ONCE YOUR CELLAR IS FULLKEEP IT FULL! 3 Cle»n dampers and, if possible, get pipes and boilers scaled. 4 Use hot water Boiler only on days when it is really required. Postpone fires until they are J Insulate hot water pipes and absolutely essential. tanks. J Use your coke boiler only on 4 Glean dampers and, if possible, days when it is really required. get pipes and boilers scaled. You are asked to place your order for Winter Coal and Coke now. But with so many people already doing this, your merchant will naturally find it impossible to deal with your order at once. He will deliver it just as soon as he possibly can. In the meantime prepare extra storage space, in the open or under cover it doesn't matter. Every scrap of METAL is wanted for guns and tanks and ships Every scrap of BONE is wanted for planes, explosives and fertilisers. Every scrap of PAPER is wanted for ammunition and other things. By carefully putting out every bit of scrap metal, every bone and every scrap of paper, the Jones family have given the Government vahiable defence material. They have rendered the country a very real service. TO ALL CAREFUL HOUSEWIVES It means more Guns to me. Pu! our bones, metal, and paper. Put them out separately by your dustbin. It's not always easy to remember that every Scrap counts—but it's true. Every scrap does count. We've started well so keep it going—keep your friends interested—send suggestions to your local council. You are working for victory. They mean more Planes to me. 1( means more Ammunition to me." ^rctwv/ f$Cj^CtW££$

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