ssrrmr 3 f mm ON THE KITCHEN FRONT c\ 3 good I fl RATION BOOK Housekeeping rules O- 0 THE KITCHEN FRONT r mi ïflïËI llggss YOUR NEW O "-"rrTrTtrJ REGISTER COOKING FATS r 39 II V O F lei your shopping help our shipping o ions of wheat a year The space in th if you call or write. 3 BY EATING THE RIGHT FOOD Is of food than was k: ON THE KITCHEN FRONT THE BEST OUT OF I 2, BY BUYING AND COOKING WISELY rim prevents waste but it also gives you the best value from the housekeeping and health V points of view. Sped,,! J,n,rations of rtw turn auJmcmg are hemg r "P 0* VARY YOUR MEALS THIS WEEK'S ft if gSSSKKStt THIS WEEK'S The Ministry of rood» antsy cookini; men I! Other women sent these Top Left The first two Press Advertisements issued in the Kitchen Front Campaign. Ministry of Food. Agents: G. S. Royds Ltd. Above: Two Press advertisements from the Food Facts series. The Ministry of Food. Agents Mather and Crowther Ltd. Press Advertisements for Ration Book and Food Registration Campaigns. Ministry of Food. Agents C. Vernon Sons Ltd. Opposite Page Press Advertisement. Salvage Campaign. Ministry of Supply. Iron and Steel Control. Agents Mather and Crowther Ltd. HOW TO REGISTER WITH THE SHOPS dunog'lhc nwnihV pc.iod begum,ng July 8.h to** the ItoDi com at >uu, R.UOO Book y» EVERYONE MOST REGISTER FOR THE NEW PERIOD Jl MINISTRY OF FOOD °F NOW FOR

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