mravy SYMINGTON'S J40UPS FOOD |D HEINZ PERFECT SOUPS 'tTS TRUE tVE REDUCED- but see how t gain wheai I'M SERVED WITH SYMINGTONS VITA-GRAVY* SYMINGTON'S 62 1AdvertiserFoster Clark Ltd. Agents London Press Exchange Ltd. 2. Advertiser: H. J. Heinz Co. Agents and DesignersPaul E. Derrick Advertising Agency Ltd. NO INCREASE IN PRICE 2,2 SC1UAR6 MAKES 5 PLATES I SQUARE MAKES Em PLATES When you have to cut your expenditure on meat, remember this you can taste the prime beef in Foster ("lark's Meat Soups. They feed, warm, and nourish you. They make your money go further, and are in valuable for adding nourishment and flavour to stews and hashes. L CREA chicken SOUP -GHZ» 3. Advertiser Oxo Ltd. Agents G. Street and Co., Ltd. Artist Bert Thomas. 4 and 5. AdvertiserW. Symington and Co., Ltd. Agents and Designers Mather and Crowther Ltd. 4 I 2 H»u, who iJoE.r T»tEn.e.r - MVAN VTiV THE. OXO T"ASf THE OXO-XHW> WEUU Rich, nourishing Symington's Vita - Gravy gives extra 4 bodyto all meat ilishes. Extra nourishment too It con tains the health - giving vitamins A, B, D and E. Try it with al! voor roasts and made-updishes. It'll make them go further and taste more delicious. S3BTBL JS «r;. ,.J» Rich in Vitamins A, B, D E Made bf W. Symington Co. Ltd., Market Har borough 2d 6d (large tins I'-) PRICES STILL PRE-WAR DON'T SLING A HAMMOCK IN THE ADMIRALS BEDROOM! When the fleet's in port again and the Admiral is your guest for the week-end, remember that you. can overdo things in your efforts to create an atmosphere in which he will feel at home. Dó not, for example, describe the small dance you hold in his honour as. an admiral's barge," and avoid jocular references, however well meant, to the "buoys" in blue and eight "belles." It is, moreover, unnecessary ashore to suspend the dining-rocyn table in gimbals or to sling a hammock in your visitor's bedroom. Things such as these are only calculated to turn him into a vcrv red admiral. Rather, forego nautical alltisii *W1ten n't a really good tenip that l iKcdeJ, ihe (icily iiitihen ii too) hto< it hat a .hou: af if Aelktout, umltbing qil Ick-io-makr i at Mia. And thy oil cone mil of the familial Symington packet. Here they vie.' lour choice. Or better itiff, ne t vr virh (He lat ivv nier haie a Brigadier Ccocral 10 lunch ne>t reet. I, Mock Turtle, ,il whii Ii w ill In anchorage for the remainder of his. U'. Symington A Co. Lid.. Mwkci Hurborough.

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