WRIGHTS 1 VINOLIA I Macleans Coal Tar Soap The Midshipman For protection aqainst infection, - always use HJiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH monopolises it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniimmiiiifH Wask me qently- keep me nice! Woollens ave an awful price 70 Slroo6®u, b*e* ""Si its®1* \a^er I tiro®4* EE Who can blame our 'snotty' for wish- EE EE ing to corner the whole of the Navy's zz supply of Vinolia. Vinolia gives him EE such a perfect shave that in a tight EE corner his chin could be used to flash 2 EE messages in the sun. But does the EE 'snotty' succeed in keeping Vinolia to E: himself? Not likely. All ranks shave EE IE with Vinolia. Vinolia rules the shaves. EE FOR SH AVI NG E SS STICKS I/-, 7|d. REFILLS I Id, IOd. S CREAM 1/9, 1/3. ECONOMY CAKE 3èd. ZZ Prices apply in U.K. only and include ZZ ZZ Purchase Tax. EVERY WOMAN is con cerned with the problem of making the family clothes last. Well, here's the way wash all your frocks, blouses, overalls, jerseys, undies, the children's things, the stockings and socks, and nicer household linen in Lux. There's no need to use hot water IF IT'S NICE TO WEAR ■X 2640-151-55 A LEVER PRODUCT so damaging to colours and wool lens. Lux dissolves' completely and lathers richly in lukewarm water, so it's safe for even the finest fabrics. And Lux saves money, too. By making clothes last so much longer it saves more than its cost. Buy Lux. 2d., 4 Id. and 7d. a packet IT PESëftVES LUX CARE Pack your MACLEANS up in your old kit bag —and smile, Smile, SMILE v£n Z PEROXIDE ÏZZXXX. T00TH PASTE BRITISH TO THE TEETH wherever you go. Price: Toilet size 7£d. Bath size l/oLd. PURCHASE TAX INCLUDED 2. Advertiser Lever Bros., Ltd. AgentsJ. Walter Thompson Co., Ltd. Artist Clement Cowells. 3. Advertiser Wright, Layman and Umney (1932), Ltd. AgentsService Advertising Co.. Ltd. Artist Illingworth What luxury after a 'sticky interlude' the refreshment of Wrighf's fragrant lather; fhe gentle clean sing! You're fresh and fit again; protected invisibly from infection 1. AdvertiserVinolia Ltd. Agents and Designers Rumble, Crowther and Nicholas. 4. AdvertiserMacleans Ltd. Agents and Designers: S. H. Benson Ltd. 5. Advertiser: Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Ltd. Agents and Designers: Lord and Thomas Ltd.

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