MARCONI'S SUAL WIRELESS AND CIGARETTES After DUTY-15 minutes' pleasure and satisfaction with a CHURCHMAN'S No. 1 Emergency conditions AdvertiserMarconi's Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd. Agents Service Advertising Co., Ltd. have not been allowed to interfere with the normal servicing and maintenance work offered to Marconi customers in all parts of the country. In all matters concerning Aircraft wireless, the services ol Marconi's skilled technicians are available at any time. Immediate application to the address below will secure their attendance anywhere at short notice. A It is now more than ever necessary to empti rout packet at lite time of purchase and leave it with your Tobacconist. churchman's \i>. l Cigarettesa fine 15 minutes of smooth smoking. 10 for toil., 20 for t tub Going to it. A cheerful go-up of" p t> returning from ;i patrol flight. WIRELESS TELEGRAPH CO. LTD., LONDON. W.C 2 TelephoneTemplo Bar 4321 Designers and manufacturers of wireless apparatus for military naval, marine and air communication including mobile and fixed aids to navigation. AdvertiserW. A. and A. C. Churchman Ltd. Agents and DesignersF. C. Pritchard Wood and Partners Ltd. Artist John Pimlott 72

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