ar I PaB" :V(yJtd KNITTING WOOLS MDAB iSW Müy Ce 6- tWNA CnCy, ét it expect nty lltinyi to Ce JoüttéU üt- phe-wroe quality yctwn- AND Thrift fdttnin NURSERY 74 Green, Yellow GLOVES. 3 mittens.ui [SCARVES,B' Lbelts.glo1 I SWEATERS KSTCCKING f\ CLOVES. ^Littsks 2 SUET LOVES tocki kg 3 ^^H^eaters. s %^ki:te^s.bel CARVES. TRUN ^■flOCKISGS.SCA BBcKSENT.THE FOR Kelts, gloves, sc BCARVE8. BOCKS, ill SWEATERS.STOCKING rrSNS.OLOVES.TR'j! ..VEb^I'.^ZLMETS. s ,\\Y. U.I TIEN GLO vittessT^K URGENT.TH^^I HELMETS.GLOt MITTENS.Bia; URGENT. "®j HELMETS.Cl| MITTENS.Bial URGENT ..TKEl HELMETS. GLCi MITTENS.TRU. THER^TS "KNtTTEDS FOR.MEN IN THE SERVICES" (LEAFLET 768) and SERVICE WOOLLIES FOR WOMEN (LEAF LETS?)'.h frofiwoobheps or 6d. each cost free from HARRAPBROS. SIRDAR WOOLS LTD.,WAKEFIELD URGENTTHE FORCES NEED "JOH' SOCKS.BELTS.CLOVESSTOCKINGS URGENTi THE FORCES NEED •KKT HELMETS.STOCKINGS.SOCKS.TRU S.VEATERS. MITTEN: URGENT. THE FOR!"' BELTS. MI TTHjfl TRUNKS. 30CK3® URGENTIKE M S«2ATER3.3T0CXl y.IT TENS. TRUNKS/, STOCKINGS.SOCKS SCARVES.BEL' URGENT. IKE HELMETS. GLCVj TRUNKS. SCAR,) SWEATERS. MITTENS. STOCK IN: GLOVE: HELMET urge: S'SSATJj ;aters TCOKINGS.BELT IÖCKS.HELMETS.BELTS. ITTSSS.SWEATERS.GLOVES. jlOCKINGS. TRUNKS. SCAR SCARVES.HELMETS.TR "UNKS.SWEATERS TTENS.HEL 'OCXINO iCKS" EELT •LOV IITTS :lts tfLO made by P a I ons Baldwins Ltd We want as many knitters as possible to enjoy using P B Wools. Use every ounce of P B Wool to the greatest advantage and don't waste an inch 1. Advertiser: L. Copley-Smith and Sons Ltd. Agents: Gorings Ltd. ArtistH. J. Latham. 2. AdvertiserPatons and Baldwins Ltd. Agents and Designers Osborne-Peacock Co., Ltd. 3. Advertiser Harrap Bros. (Sirdar Wools) Ltd. Agents Morisons Press Advertising Service. 4. AdvertiserWm. Hollins and Co. Agents and Designers F. C. Pritchard Wood and Partners Ltd. Opposite Page 5, 6 and 8 Advertiser Wolsey Ltd. Agents W. S. Crawford Ltd. Artist for 5 and 6 Tage Werner. Artist for 8 Nicholas Bentley. 7. Advertiser Lavenda Wools. Agents John Tait and Partners Ltd. help you pi SUCCESS Ith ALL your knitting Birth lo S V run," »W .they u/ill also hair a selection of 2il and :WI 'i veil a' illustrated leaflets. SK.YI» THIS .V.I ME ADDRESS i oit'oy ior l)ep«. 102, Willi: ..I I.., 1 istru.ction Leaflet No. E.L.5 for this i Hollins Co. Ltd., Viyeila House, nvctope it will only need Id. stamp. Two 12-page leaflets every knitter should have! instructionsformokingKN ERYkimlof - woolly anled In both men and women in the Ser\ iceseaeii model made in SIRDAR wools best wools of all for texture and ahilitv to withstand wear and washing. KNtrt/NG WOOLS The quality of Nursery 'Viyeila' Knitting Yarn is the same now as before the war, and will remain so. It has the same beautiful downy softness that it never, never loses, even in constant daily washings the same healthy warmth that is never too hot and tickly the same guarantee against shrinking, stretching, fading. The time and trouble you put into your knitting is really worthwhile in NurseryViyeila KNITTING LEAFLET K.CGD KNITTING YARN tt lerntfeptitfy CLOTHES THAT LAST ARE TRUE ECONOMY Take your needles in botl hands and flaunt this piece o gay defiance in the face o Winter and Warnings. Foi economy, unearth all your "left-overs" "of 4-ply"f sior"and have fun mixir coloursimagine I Nasturtium and teamed up with trousers, or rich Pinks anc Purples with Navy or Black. Of course, the suit would lose nothing of smartness or snugness by being all in one shade. The Leaflet is No. 1303 (Bust 34-35 in.), 3d. at your woolshop, 4 Jd. posted by the makers. If any difficulty write: L. COPLEY-SMITH SONS LTD. 47, Lower Mos ley St., Manchester 2, or 132/3, Cheapside. London. E.C.3 INSPIRATION FOR ALERT SIRENS! notes from the diary of super-snoop super - snoop shall bite the dust don't waste wool! Knit bigger left-overs into squares which, sewn together, make a fine emergency blanket. Work smaller bits into babies' bootees, berets, embroidery for jumpers even padding for stuffed toys. Oddments accumulate quickly and pot-luck colour schemes have their own charm.

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