Jmm! CLOTHING v jr Clothes that last ou ich'lier if you're walking more than you've ever walked before, if you're working harder, spending less, if, in short, you're a woman helping to win the warthen you need Aristoc. For Aristoc cost you less because they last so long, they improve your morale because they look so lovely, and they impart to the simplest war-time clothes that indefinable air of quality so long associated with the aristocrat of silk t. kings. THE AHISTOI.'flAT (IF Sith HTIIChlMiH «süK 4 mÊk. /".J/t/wf/t /wytt/i/y. 'They cost you less because they last so long' PURE SILK ■STOCKINGS lotnghl Prepared as we arc to make sacrifices most cheerfully; resigned as we may be to rationing and regulations, there are few women who do not sigh with relief to kam that the sheer loveliness of Hear Brand stockings remains available to all. During these rather difficult days it is not only a'woman's pleasure to look her best—-it's her downright duty as well. And to this praiseworthy national service Bear Brand lend their willing aid giving glamorous, bewitching beauty. Incidentally their most tenacious lease of life makes them one of the most economical of all fashionable luxuries.

Modern Publicity en | 1941 | | page 81