RETAIL PUBLICITY F ortnum Maso n LAST jgp DATE#» Zapped* Gad, Sir They've done us proud99 fo?o«S?eb1gN 1 DEC. 12 th is the last date A for posting m I °tr r[hb'«sh ack of pj WHng a CaZ Paté Cake Cubes t Humbugs Distributors of goods have been faced with shortages and limitations, and the suspension of some branded and popular articles. The officially expressed desire of the Government that spending should be moderate has been interpreted generally in retailers' advertising by stressing what is still available, and even by openly facing the matter of shortage, regretting it, and announcing that business is still being carried on. Instead of coaxing people to spend, instead of putting fashion, novelty and conveni ence in the front rank of appeal, practical utility has dominated campaigns to the public. War time equipment and purchases that lead to specific war-time economies dominate the char acter of retailers' advertise ments. In execution these advertisements, created to keep trade going amid the most diffi cult conditions, possess a new virility. Those responsible for inventing "copy" policy, and for translating ideas graphic ally, have been stimulated by the challenge of the problems confronting them. The results, of which a selection appears in this section, are significant. Indeed, when historians of the future seek for a revealing side-light upon the character of a trading nation in war-time, the advertisement columns of our newspapers and magazines may be their first line of research. PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS POSTERS BOOKLETS WINDOW DISPLAY SHOP FRONTS Even if Fortnum Mason have been authorized to provide Hampers for the Army and the Royal Air Force, they can't get the Hampers there in time for Christmas unless you dispatch by next TuesdayDecember 12 th Itivt Tin Roast Turkey STagZas Pudding Christmas i Brandy Sa"^s in Sy™P Tin Strawberries Cream FREE 182 Piccadilly, London, W.l. Regent 8040 Service Q °rtbrecuJ 55 it SHOP BY POSTFor the convenience of our customers unable to call in person, all orders by post AR ham packed will be dispatched with the utmost promptitude. Cata- r r and dispatched logues from any department gladly forwarded. LTD. Press Advertisement. Advertiser Fortnum and Mason Ltd. Agents Alfred Pemberton Ltd. Designer Clement Dane Studio

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