□saaES5»^ t TE DEUM CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI LUCA MARENZIO j V), )i ANSERMET 155 i» mi (ij A i A -rf «L. -*t -rf the charleston city all stars direction enoch light France ad: Pathe-Marconi, Columbia Records ag: Publicis ph: Jean Coquin. Typogravure in yellow, red and buff title, figures black and white half tone. ÏO^X 10i inches. Gramophone Record Charles Hubert GERVA1S Man Amine CHARPENTlr.R LE KEN1EMENT DE SAINT-PIERRE J l/fitS NOCWEIA sau.m* naam. msetm m&osr France ad: Pathe-Marconi, Pathe Records ag: Pub licis ar: Le Foil. Letterpress in turquoise blue, orange and yellow. 12£x 12i inches. Gramophone Record MADRIGALS ON TIXTS FROM "II PASTOR HDO" by Giovanni Battista Guarini THI GOLDEN AGE SINGERS directed by MARGARET FIELD - HYDE '-3 Japan ad: Westminster Hi-Fi des: Hiroshi Kusaka. Offset in black, viridian, charcoal-grey, red and green ish yellow. 12x12 inches. Gramophone Record HtitnHHSttr ttsord L ORCHESTRE DE LA SUISSE ROMANQE MOZART Flute Concerto in D Major SCHUMANN Adagio and Allegro for Horn HAYDN Trumpet Concerto in E Flat trwmMt: FMN. LwjtMtt. Great Britain ad: Decca Co Ltd ar: J. Brzezinski msia (Karo). Photo-litho in grey, black and blue. 12x 12 inches. Gramophone Record

Modern Publicity en | 1959 | | page 159