m DIAGRAMS tkft ITTV:, JAMES AGEE i THE MORNING I WATCH O V gm I Dedalo mm Jfe 4 'Deeply touching yet Agee is never melodramatic or sentimental' thk listknkr Richard is caught in that trap of tormenting desires and conflicting passions that is known as adolescence. In this half-way stage between Ixn hood and manhood, he decides to test his religious faith by willingly undergoing the ordeal of Good Friday vigil. As lie tries desperately to sutxluc his retail iöus thoughts and flesh, his head tills with disturbing, powerful images. 'I rving to escape the voice of conscience, he finds himself forced closer and closer, via a dangerous swimming expedition and an unnerving tight with a snake, to an inescapable and awesome conclusion. CW <érn/p Hk* im mmkum S" Pulitzer Prize-winning author of a death in thf. family Bookjackets Chemises de livres Buchumschlage 1 a, b Switzerland AD Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag AG/DIR/DES Celestino Piatti Size: 11x18 cm 2a, b Iran AD Ashrafi Publishing AG Chehel O.Do DIR/DES Morteza Momayez Size: 15x21-5 cm Printed: Letterpress 3 Great Britain AD Weidenfeld Nicolson DIR John Curtis DES Sarah Witcombe 33 ARTHUR LOCKWOOD f - WÊÊÊÊk w$ ili Minimo CTtdlano 4 Great Britain AD Panther Books DES Joe Garcia/Terry Eden 5a, Great Britain AD Constable Books STU Shirt Sleeve Studio DIR Miles Huddleston DES Nancy Fouts/Malcolm Fowler Size: 1 4 x 20 cm Printed: Litho, 4 col 5b, Great Britain AD Penguin Books Limited STU Shirt Sleeve Studio DIR David Pelham DES Nancy Fouts/Malcolm Fowler Size: 11x18 cm Printed, Litho, full col 6 Great Britain AD Martin Seeker Warburg Limited DlR/DES Marty Stein Size: 22 x 32 cm Printed: Offset, 3 col 7 Great Britain AD Studio Vista Limited DES Arthur Lockwood 11 ■jF" OJ y Hoffmann una Camne 8 Italy AD Dedalo Libri DIR/DES/PFI Mimmo Castellano Printed: Litho, 4 col 9 Great Britain AD George Weidenfeld Nicolson DIR John Curtis DES James Marsh/Ink Studios Ltd 1 0 Great Britain AD Hodder £t Stoughton Limited DIR Michael Dempsey DES Michael Dempsey/Ginger Tilley Printed: Letterpress 11 W. Germany AD Hoffmann Und Campe Verlag DES Jan'Buchholz/Reni Hinsch Size: 27 x 47 cm Printed: Offset, 7 col 116-117

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