>-e 'V f film Direct Mail Brochures Broschüren 1 United States AD McDonnell Douglas AG Robert Miles Runyan Associates Inc DIR/DES Fred Kidder Educational brochure Brochure éducative Broschüre für Bildung Size: 1 9 x 26 5 cm Printed: Offset, 3 col 2 Italy AD Poretti SpA AG Studio B DIRT. Fabiani DES R. Voglino/T. Fabiani PH G. Elia Beer promotion Size: 21 8 x 24 cm Printed: Offset, full col 3 Holland AD Municipal Museum AG Total Design DIR/DES Wim Crouwel Exhibition Size: 21 x 29-7 cm Printed: Letterpress, 1 col 4a, b United States AD State of Arizona (Dept. of Economic Planning) AG A. M. Associates, Inc DIR Douglas Hoppe Stone Twin cities industrial programme Programme industriel de villes jumelles Industrie Programm von Zwillings- stadten Size: 24 x 29 cm Printed: Offset, 4 col 5 Holland AD Stichting De Opbona STU/DIR Helios Olff To help handicapped children Pour aider les enfants handicapés Hilfe für körperbehinderte Kinder 6 United States AD Massachussetts Institute of Technology DIR/DES Dietmar R. Winkler Graduate Education in Ocean engineering Etude d'ingénieur maritime pour diplömes Hochschulausbildung für Marine Ingenieure Size: 19 x 181 cm Printed: Offset, 1 col 7 Great Britain AD ICA DIR/DES James Meller/Anthony McCall Apollinaire Celebration Exhibition Exposition pour la celebration d'Apollinaire Printed: Offset, 4 col - V; ;.v, -Wh Entoptic sensations arise from images or shadows of ob jects situated within the eye itself. If two point sources of light (pinholes) are located just in front of the eye, the edge of the pupil will be shadowed twice upon the retina, and the observer will see two luminous disks on a dark back ground. In the normal, non-accommodated eye, parallel rays from the point sources will meet at the retina: and the retinal images will just touch if the distance between the pinholes is equal to the pupil diameter. The entoptic pupil- iometer is based on this principle. 1 60-1 61 .\-vfT V-c L->\ Cvsc v.\. V jVt Xvvc- v WJ - X C£T--\ Vxr C«_ - ""bxy (TvU. V-CxJvy. V Cvi -1- G? c- VÏ. C *v CTX-.,. ÓJi X X-Vii - -ViV. k'v -t\c. V vV v.0. cv.r- Vn' VSCXXc »- - v. X\.X. v vt Vv v Wc-xr-s xv G crv-v- vVc-^~A\ -: -

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