mm Mb n 1 A ■-«" nviso.t JiHvp oblishing provide industrial sites. builtlingi. Prestigio Splügen vendite Tris: punto di forza della campagna stampa 1968 Uscite sempre a colori, sulle principali testate, in un formato nuovo, grandissimo. Mai come quest'anno I'immagine Splügen sara vista, notata. icordata con iimpatia da milioni di lettori, per un totale di 73.000.000 di volte! corporation ran n let! radio oilvertisement offering work in one of the Twin Cities. During a I wo week /teriod. more than 2,.'100 applicants for the fob res/winded - about 10% of the city'» entire population This tort of assistance and information it available to any I'.S. industry considering an o/teralion under the Twin Cities program. Other aids would include: Help in organizing i business under Mexican law; information on Mexico's labor lawsfederal, state and •millions; legal advice; Each Twin City has an industrial development office directly under the Mayor. Cooperating with these offices are the Chambers of Commerce, service clubs and prominent business leaders. private Mexican investors who will in manufacturers' specifications. In addition, these communities are actively developing full facility industrial /hirks. v All Sonorn Twin Cities are served by standard I nited Stales power facilities.

Modern Publicity en | 1969 | | page 165