stethoscope UERZEICHNIS Pharma Pllanzenschutz Bayer-Fasorn Symphonic Orch ester des 8*y«riach«n Rundfunk» Munchen NOVEMBER 1968 Maxwell-Boltzmann Law of Equipartition of Energy cast steel, while it is being cast; truded pipe, and measurements ot tlaws in 2000'F istics ot gases must be measured at extremely high temperatures—2,500*F and above. In the last cen tury, the theories of Maxwell and Boltzmann lorm the basis lor using ultrasonic energy in thermo- niques were unavailable, largely because no ig, in the high-temperature ultrasonic Held, and is ne ot the world's leaders in this technology. Currently, Esterline research is investigating the Now, Esterline has developed an ultrasonic thermometer system which provides digital output and can automatically measure temperatures up to 5.400'F in a wide variety ot environments. ment to entirely new applications in the medical control the sound energy being beamed In a ditterent measurement Held, Esterline has Utilizing an electrical transducer concept oI meas urement, it provides the greatest dynamic range be measured, and an ultrasonic pulse is sent from a transducer The pulse is echoed at both the be ginning and end of the sensor. The lime difference is automatically measured and displayed. Ac racy at 5,000 F is in the range of 1 percent, also possible, by using the gas itself as a sen to measure temperatures up to 30,000 F. both the IR-100 award and theTop Honors award i being used successfully in systems to contri reaction rate during metallurgical processing; th lines, hydrogen annealing ove Esterline s new ultrasonic system of thermometry, applications for this field ef measurement science. 8 The Bavarian Symphony Orchestra of Munich

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