In an uncertain world, our long-term leasing has its attractions. -- - Unser i Winterflugplan t ist sehr sommerlich! The President of Swissair asks You: How WOULD You PREFER Your Jumbo Jet? issue Summer 1968 an*«urj '°0 Ab 2 >re«, April 1,1968 Timetable worldwide We can ship 625,000 lbs.of freight out of town. Weekly. most anywhere in Europe, Africa, South America, or the Middle East. Call us and we'll reserve space for you on the flight you want. And if you need o truck to pick up your shipment, it'll be on its way in no time. It's all part of the Eastern resolve to give you the most, the fastest, and the surest in cargo service. Domestically ond interna tionally Our phone number is 225-2061 That's like shipping the Statue of Liberty out of town weekly. With capacity left over for a goodly chunk of Bedloe Island on which it stands. The big reason is t hot Ea stern has two jet fre ig hters heading to more markets in the East than any other oirfine-—Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Toronto. And at New York and Miami, we have cargo interchange capabilities to take your shipments ah as to cope with changing traffic and changing container specs. And your capital can go and do something else more useful. We do want your money, but only in the form of rental. (Which we can afford to put a good deal lower than for short-term hire.) Ask for our terms and other details of long -term leasing. Just remember, if you move in yourself, it can get pretty dark in there with the door closed. Even if it doesn't come to this - our long-term leasing can save your capital and keep your container fleet flexible. First choose a period from 1-5 years, and any quantity of containers. (We can paint them with your own name or house flag if you like.) At any time later, return 25%. Or take on 25 more-at the same rate as the original lease. This applies to one or all of our van containe sizes, from 6.7 Babies to 40 foot models. sea containers ltd. world-wide leasing

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