TWA announces the Atlantic River. It takes a lot to get someone to fly Air-India. Is it just another airline regulation? Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1 a-c France AD Citroën AG Delpire DIR Robert Delpire DES a, b Jean Louis Besson c Hans Troxler Size: a, b 34 x 52 cm c 21 x 27 cm Printed, Offset, 4 col when someone like you aak* t Air-India flight, we just e not that sort of airline, e We fly to New York tor examplea kit aow goods» to eat and annk and generally whik New York than you get And find out what a lotyou'v A1RIND!A\ Over 36 years of flying experience. 17/18 New Bond Street, London W! Telephone 01-493 8100 2 Great Britain AD Lufthansa German Airlines AG Doyle Dane Bernbach Limited DIR Neil Godfrey Airline promotion Printed: Gravure 3 United States AD St. Regis Paper Company AR J. Kunz Size: 33 x 52-2 cm 4 W. Germany AD Bayer Leverkusen AG McCann Company DIR Dr Walter Bachem Goodwill advertisement Annonce de prestige Werbung Printed: Letterpress 5 Great Britain AD Air India AG/DIR Kingsley, Manton Palmer DES Michael Kidd Airline promotion Promotion d'une ligne aérienne Flugl in ie-Werbung Printed: Gravure, 4 col 6 France AD Renault AG Publicis DIR/DES Henri-Paul Thulliez 7 Italy AD Fiat (United States) AG Woods Donegan Company, Inc DIR George Trivellini DES Cary Donegan Jnr 8 Great Britain AD Trans World Airlines AG Foote Cone Belding New York DIR Clyde Baird DES Ernest G. Hofmann Size: 28 x 38 cm Printed: Letterpress 52-53 Lufthansa International We'll do all we can.

Modern Publicity en | 1969 | | page 57