Shanks pony? MUSEUM cHINA0H0TOUSChra~ NEVER GOES INTO THE SINK. IT |STHE SINK! Call in the man from Shanks Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1a-b United States AD Mililani Town AG Clarence Lee Design DIR/DES Clarence Lee Real Estate Immeuble Immobilien Size: 19 3 x 27-6 Printed: Offset, 2 col 2 Denmark AD Robert Schmitz Ab AG Gutenberghus Reklam Ab DIR Bo Ahlberg Toothpaste dispenser Distributeur de dentifrice Zahnpasta Verteiler Size: 25 x 30 9 cm 3 United States AD Charles of The Ritz AG Douglas D. Simon Advertising Inc DIR/DES Chuck Bua PH Roy Coggin Cosmetics Size: 24-5 x 32 cm Printed: Gravure 4 Great Britain AD Shanks £t Company Limited AG Progress Advertising Limited DIR Guy Wesch Sanitary ware promotion to architects Promotion de materiel sanitaire pour architectes Waschanlagen, Werbung für Architekten 5 Great Britain AD/STUSebastianSed DIR/DES Kathy Byfield Model Books Reference book to the advertising world Livres modèlesLivre de reférence du monde publicitaire ModellbücherNachschlagewerk für die Werbefachwelt Size: 21 -6 x 28 cm Printed: Letterpress 6 Great Britain AD Hans Feurer AG Omnific Limited DIR Derek Birdsall PH Hans Feurer Photographer's promotion Printed: Letterpress 7 United States AD Sherle Wagner AG Douglas D. Simon Advertising, Inc DIR Roger Musich DES Edward Uudice Sinks Eviers Becken Until now only the skills and techniques of the grecrt artisans of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were oble to create such masterpieces in china. All the rich ness of enamel and bas-relief treasured in museum examples of Sèvres, Meissen, Delft and Lowestoft are to be seen in these Sherle Wagner bowls Combining the beauty of the past with the technology of the present, they offer new silhouettes and new effects. Because they are installed above the counter even their edges are superbly decorated. If is safe to predict that in the not too distant future, ihese basms will be sought TLJ|C after by collectors, and that the name I I IIO Sherle Wagner will have joined the roster 54-55

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