Madame ne prenez plus votre bain toute seule. CIGARETTEN TA3AK 1 21 Cigaretten W' also make it in white. Pick say colour you Kkt from our picture, and you can have a whole Mekay skirt in it. Our designer has come up with a range of shirts that are colourful without being ridiculous. Quiet shades of lavender, apricot and tangerine. Subdued stripes. Restrained cheeks. For those of you who still think white is right, dreadful wrinkles. Prices start at about 55/-, which Jlfcrrol «hit. JlirU. In Mn C Nylon, mur|, p., b.n. up your Dacron and cotton, and cotton. like all Mekay shirts, they have the famous one-piece collar. (Comfortable, and rurl they drip dry without a wardrobe. If there isn't a Mekay stockist near you, write to Malcolm Bulkmgh, Mekay Ltd., 227 Essex Road, London, N.l. Hell tell you where to go. Mekay

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