Good Egg! Are you a Crack Cook? MILK evaporated her dag into a Heinz Souperdag! This baby is now 30 years okier but Heinz baby foods are only 2M. more nieanz bean/ 3a Carnation is good,good, good. And it'sversatile. As versatile as an egg. Start cracking for Easter. Prove Carnation's Versatility. There are 94 exciting examples from Chicken and Mushroom Flan toTangerine Cream Pie, Raisin Fudge to Vichyssoise - all in the Carnation Recipe Book. FVee from Carnation Kitchencraft, Dept. ST. 30, 75b South Street, Epsom, Surrey. Thousands of housewives all over the country are. Cracking cans of Carnation - and making dozens of creative recipes, varying from Vichyssoise to Tuna Rice Flan, Golden Plum Cream to Curried Lamb. They're just proving what we've always said - Carnation is as versatile as an egg. Be a Crack Cook. Get the Free Carnation Recipe Book- and explore the 94 fascinating recipes. Write: Carnation Kitchencraft, Dept S.T. 32, 75b South Street, Epsom, Surrey. Vitamin d increase

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