Bosa Nova keeps! WORLD CVRPETS He's not from the Phoenix. It's easy to put Bosa Nova* down. Pretty hard to knock it out. Every day a growing number of home- makers are proving this. Specially engineered for com mercial use, Bosa Nova is more than a match for the most active family's busy feet. Its short, tough pile fights back. Resists matting. Repels soil. Discourages staining. Scoffs at scuffs. In a word: Bosa Nova keeps. Keeps its texture, its color, its quiet, its youth. Keeps you solvent. In fact, for covering floors at low cost with quiet efficiency, there's nothing else like Bosa Nova. You can safely say it's out of this World. Because it is. with 100% Enk a Continuous Filsmem Nylon - y*'t&M «C..-V •„.--.■J -■ if.*-*-. '%.L, Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1 a-c United States AD/AG Polaroid Corporation DIR/DES Harry Johnson PH Mel Goldman Studios - Boston United Fund Campaign Size: 40-7 x 50-7 cm Printed: Offset 2 United States AD World Carpets AG Douglas D. Simon Advertising, Inc DIR Roger Musich DES Rudolph Legname Bosa Nova Carpets Tapis Bosa Nova Bosa Nova Teppiche 3 United States AD/AG Borowski-Green, Chicago DIR/DES Dick Greene PH Ron Borowski Campaign against racial discrimination 4 Great Britain AD Granada Television Limited AG Blackburn Advertising Limited DIR Paul Castell Promotion of advertising media Promotion de moyens publicitaires Werbung für Werbemedia Size: 43 x 53 cm 5b Any representative of ours who did this would quickly get the boot from us. We don't hold with pressure salesmanship. Not even for something as urgent as life insurance, it may be hard to believe that we haven't put our foot in it once in nearly 200 years. But it's true. We're looking forward to seeing you coming to see us. Either througffyour broker. OrdirectPhoemxAssurance Co. Ltd., CS Dept., 4/5 King William Street. London EC4, or your iocal office. A man without life insurance must have a pretty tow opinion of himself Trouble is, it's this man's dependants wjtoii have to live with bis opinion should anything happen to him. They certainty won't he able to live off it At the Phoenix, we'd say this is carrying self-effacement to the point of self-indulgence. And that's no way to provide the bread for those who wig need it If you have eve» the slightest doubt about y ear valoe, see year insurance broker. Or us. Phoenix Assarance Co. Ltd., CS Department 4-5 King William St, WyL landen, E.C.4, or your local office. PHOENIX «.•"wasp 5a, b Great Britain AD Phoenix Assurance Company Limited AG Dorland Advertising Limited DIR/DES Keith Naris Insurance Versicherung Printed: Litho, 2 col 70-71

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