notjust /NCMR SUMS SERIF s LCX€ /4/MGRDEGOHC 223 E31STw2)OR9~2636 pour nous le point le plus important Vest le point What the lypographicdesign world cbesn't need new is/iust another sans-serif."unless its this one. Hzfecall it/MNTGIRDE. PERHN>S YOU'VE SEEN A FEMZ SAMPLES OF IT EACH MONTH IN /AlflNrOIRDE A1N9IZINE. IT IS THE FIRST SINS-SERIF DESIGNED WITH SPECIAL LIQITURES. It also has a i/ery large x height for easy packing and great color. There are MPA4NY alternate characters, easily seen here, developed by NECESSARY experimentation. Can you think of letter combinations we haven't made a ligature for? AVANT QIRDE comes in 2 weights, regular light. BY LUBALIN, SMITH, dRNASE. 3 Typefaces Caractères Druckschriften 1 West Germany AD Harris-lntertype GmbH AG Atelier Noth Hauer DIR/DES Noth/Hauer/Sodemann Type competition 'Concorde' Concourse typographique 'Concorde' Anzeige für 'Concorde' Wettbewerb Size: 19 x 27 Printed: Letterpress, 1 col 2a Italy AD Societié Nebiolo AG/DIR/DES Pino Tovaglia Promotion for typeface Promotion de caractères Schriftwerbung Printed: Letterpress, 1 col 2b Italy AD Societia Nebiolo AG Studio lliprandi DIR Pino Tovaglia DES Giancarlo lliprandi Promotion for typeface Promotion de caractères Schriftwerbung wmm S17{)-.,:,-"S123456T390t «kirfgkijkiffitwfqtstajrnntfx 4F II ABCCDEFQt 111 KLM NOPQBR.STÜVW XYZ K,:;"$I234567890« abcdefghijkln uïofKjrrstuvwxyzjn£ 4c 6 3 United States AD/AG Lubalin Smith Carnase DIR/DES Herb Lubalin/B. Carnase Promotion for sans serif typeface Promotion de caractères sans serif Printed: Letterpress, 2 col 4a-c United States AD Visual Graphics Corporation DIR Bill Commerford DES Flirt William/W. Jackson DES/Research Julius Herriet Lyons Antique Type Collection for Photo Typositor Printed: Offset, 2 col 5a-c West Germany AD/AG Bauersche Giesserei DIR Walter Baum DES Walter Plata Typefaces for Handsetting Handsatzschriften Size: 22 31 Printed: Letterpress, 1 col i.othrMumityp*-dw»in.nyk>print. report* d*imprmion jf= bussièreortsgraphique» ABC DEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWX YZ AÖÜ /ECE 123 4567 MEDIUM 8901 abcdefghijklmnopq rstuvwxyz aöü aace 3 fffifl. &-() ABC DEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWX YZ AÖÜ /ECE $123 4567 OPTIMA 8901 abcdefghijklmnopq J rstuvwxyz aöü sece fffifl.,-:;'/""!? J &-() new options with Optima ABC DEFGHIJKLM NOPORSTUVWX YZ AO0 /Fa $123 4567 ITALIC 890£ a be dei gh ijk I m nopq rstuvwxyz aöü aece fffift.f &-() ABC defghijkl MNOPQRSTUV WXYZ AÖU /EGE $1 23456 BLACK 78901 abcdefghijklmnopq rstuvwxyz aöü aeoe fffifl.,-:;'/""!? &-(> ABC DEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWX YZAÖÜ/ECE $12345 678 SEMI BOLD 90£ abcdefghijklmnopq rstuvwxyz aöü aeoe fffifl.,-:;'/""!? &-() 6 France AD Bussière Arts Graphiques DIR/DES Chourgnoz Promotion for printer Promotion pour imprimeur Druckereiwerbung Size: 30 23 Printed: Letterpress, 1 col 7 West Germany AD/AG D. Stempel AG (Reiner Wolfgardt) DIR Erich Schulz-Anker Size: 21 29 Printed: Letterpress, 2 col

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