Grieder meets M the v,. Maharajah SYSTOR, Gesellschaft für Elektronische Datenverarbeitung DdHh Luigi Massoni Nella E 15 il concetto di modularitö viene esteso dai moduli Ipensili, basi) anche agll elettrodomestici; nella misura di 30 cm. si inserisce il piano di cottura a bistecchiera; nella misura di 60 cm. i piani di cottura o 4 fuochi gas. 3 fuochi gas ed uno elettrico, 4 fuochi elettrici; nella misura di 90 cm. il piano di cottura a 4 fuochi gas e 2 elettrici; nella misura di 120 cm. sono raggruppati 5 fuochi gas, uno elettrico e la bistecchiera. Le superfici sono sempre in acciaio inox, i comandi sono frontali. BOMBAY Time stood still as we sipped the finest Lopchu tea the colonial way with scones and '•chutney" sandwiches. lust across the Sea Lounge of the Taj Mahal Hotel was the magnificent harbour. The Gateway and the Yacht Club—monuments of the British Raj. Other glorious afternoons we spent on the Verandah of the Gymkhana. Wide open spaces Lush green lawns Happy laughing children Over the week-end we hob-nobbed at the Turf Club with Bombay's beautiful specimens. Thoroughbred horses. Dowagers and smart young Maharanis in pastel coloured Trench chiffon sarees. In contrast, the strong vibrant colours and textures of handloom cottons at the Chowpatty water front. The musical sounds of numerous regional languages. The heady fragrance of jasmine flowers. The seasoned spicy flavours of food sold on stands. A thousand faces. A million coconuts. P S Look out for An Nouveau and genuine Victoriana in the narrow alleys of Bombay's Chor Bazaar—the thieves' market. Don't miss the handpainted sign-board "Cash today-Credit tomorrow."

Modern Publicity en | 1972 | | page 134