habitat 1972 Annual Catalogue 20 LORRY DESIGNING YOUR OWN STRUCTURES We have only bean ablo to suggest a few possible alternative sttuctures >n this leaflet, and you will no doubt want to try some of your own Angled joints tan be made with Muttilrsma using all joints wili he nght-angled This k.nd of assembly is needed with the Commando Post lot example Andimpottant always play for safety Check your finished structum for stability The use of a low level sasembiy around the Highest point of your frame, or arms extending on ail four sides will help Buiitl no higher than the longest tube in your kit. Joining tubes is not recommended. Arrange intermediate support wheie tuba lengtns extend beyond 75cm Up to this point, ell tubes wi stand up to tne most boisterous treatment COMBING FRAME i key safely caused Andclesdy raising something luce the Eiffel Tower is going to be hasardous. So always piev foi safety Direct Mail Brochures Broschüren 1a-d France AD BSN AG Delpire-Advico DIR Michel Cazelles PHOTO André Martin Size: 21 29.5 cm, Offset 2a-c Great Britain AD Habitat AG Conran Associates DIR/DES Stafford Cliff PHOTO Roger Stower Partnership Major catalogue 1972, catalogue principal 1972, Hauptkatalog Size: A4, Offset, 4 col 3 Denmark AD Uniline AG/DIR Lise Dan Arnold Andersen Grafik/Design DES Dan Arnold Andersen Brochure for light fittings, brochure pour appareillages éléctriques, Prospekt für elektrische Lampen Size: 21 21 cm. Offset, 4 col 4a-b Great Britain AD 'All things bright and beautiful' AG Richards Nash Friends Ltd DIR/DES John Nash Leaflet for new climbing frame, Prospekt für neues Klettergerüst Offset 1 52-1 53

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