The ENI group began lite with natural gas. This hi relatively large commercial quantities in the Po Valley after the end of the World War II. when no one imagined the variety of its uses and the Impulse It was to give Italian economic development For the first time an Italian geological province had yelded up real riches to be exploited on a large scale Up to fho end of 1970 almost 122 thousand million cubic meters of natural gas. equaling more than 100 million tons of crude oil, were consumed, and today remaining ENI group reserves total 144 thousand million cubic meters But with the constant exploration carried on by ENI affiliates specially now on the continental shell, these reserves will probably inciease. Gas has now been brought to all important centers of consumption At me beginning ot 1971 the gas transmission system of ENI totaled more than 8,600 km. An additional 6-7.000 km of lines were under construction, being engineered or planned. This single huge network Is operated with 325 decompression si I o?™ 53,433 53,425 mjiim 52.125 52,021 'mam 52,003 mm 51,748 mjmi Direct Mail Brochures Broschüren 1 a-c Italy AD ENI - Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi AG Studio Grafico Pubblicitario Ruffolo DIR/DES Sergio Ruffolo Size: 32 x 29 cm, Offset and roto, 6 col 2a-b USA AD Southern California Edison Co AG Weller Juett Inc. DIR Don Weller/Dennis Juett DES Don Weller Ecology brochure, brochure sur l'écologie Size: 83/4 111/2 in. Offset, 4 col Memorial Hospital of Southern California IS An Acute Health Care System The Emerson Hospital 3 USA AD Emerson Hospital AG/DES Herman/Less Associates Fund raising, appel de capital, Geldsammlung Offset, 2 col cover, 1 col text 4 USA AD Memorial Hospital of Southern California AG J. Chris Smith Design DIR/DES Rick Lambert Book 5a-b USA AD St Voe Minerals Corporation AG Corporate Annual Reports DIR Leonard Fury Annual report, rapport annuel, Jahresbericht Size: 81/2 11 in, Offset, 4 col 6 Great Britain AD Birmingham College of Art DES R. Halligan, M. Hilltout, R. Raby Invitation to student exhibition, invitation pour exposition étudiante 1 60-1 61

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