Modern Publicity 1972-73 Edited by Felix Gluck The present volume of modern publicity contains the best designs chosen from over 6470 entries which were received from 44 countries. As always, this annual of international advertising graphics presents a competent informative survey of new trends in design and typography, new techniques of presentation and printing, and changes in attitudes and approach on an international level. It will be an invaluable source of information for designers, art directors, advertising agencies and everybody who is interested in graphic design. The book is divided into chapters on posters, press advertisements, film and television graphics, new typefaces and bookjackets, packaking, trademarks and letterheads and direct mail, (which include company reports, prospectuses, calendars and mailing shots). Captions and introduction appear in English, French and German and contain details of designers, art directors, clients, printing processes and size of the original products. The comprehen sive index includes the adresses of designers, photographers, art directors and studios to enable agencies and clients to establish contact. Modern Publicity volume 43 contains 176 pages with 550 illustrations of which more then 90 are in full colour. The cover design is based on an exhibition poster by André Frangois. ISBN 0 289 70320 4 £4.80 net Printed in the Netherlands.

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