kalender schau 71 Fblnohospodérstvo v horskych a podhorskych oblastiach „THe HOMECOMING». JRD Poniky, okres Banskè Bystrica 18.-27. Jüna 1971, denne8-18hodin "Where can I see under ene roof,fine examples of British Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century fcmting,Hogarth,Reynolds,Gainsborough, Neo- Classicism,Painters of the Sublime and the Picturesque,Blake and his Followers,Turner, Constable,Landscapc and Snbject Painting 1800-40,Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Drawings and Watercoiours,the Pre Raphael ites,Frith's'Derby Day',Victorian and Edwardian Minting,Impressionism and Post-Impression ismjntimists and Primitives,Matisse and the Fauves,Picasso,Cubism, Futurism,'Vorticism, Rayooism, Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, Fantastic Art,Giacometti, Rothko,Pioneers of Abstract Art and Formal Abstraction, Post-War European Art,Bacon,Sutherland, Abstract Expressionism,Optical and Kinetic Art, Post- Painterly Abstraction,ft>p-Art,Moore and Contemporary British Art?" "Why,theTate'of course!" lyHaoldPlnfa.tli: Mot Bums NcvM2B!ai9a>apinJoH«onHiTtieaw OSMO OMENAMAKI NAYÏÏEiy STRINDBERGIN TAIDESALDNGISSA PESPIANADI 33 JULlSTEfTA'KIRJANPAALLYKSIA PIIRROKSIA 278-89 71 AVAJAISRAIVANA KID 15-17 ARKISIN KLO 10-16 SUNNUNTAINA KID 13-16 TERVETUIOA!

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