WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP We put our money on both. Another first for NBC Sports $1,000,000 men's international tennis tournament. TODAY: (Name of player) vs (Name of player) Live from (Name of city) indoors 00:00 PM IN NBC COLOR CHANNEL 00 Once upon a time there were two men of business. Mr .Tortoise had a small firm which was very sure and very steady. Not a fast mover, you would have said of him. but he knew exactly where he and his company were going. Mr. Hare had a small company, too. And fast and furious was its pace. For htm it seemed, making a million overnight was slow progress. There was. however, one thing that Mr Tortoise and Mr. Hare had in common. They both needed capital. "I have lots of exciting ideas," cried Mr. Hare. "You can't lose if your money's with me." Mr.Tortoise looked thoughtful, as he always did at times like this/Tve spent years building up my business,"he said."But I need money for expansion." "Gentlemen," we said,"since you've both shown a good use for the money you need, we see no reason why we can't help the pair of you." Mr. Hare and Mr.Tortoise went away very happy indeed. We hadn't demanded seats on their boards. Or insisted on a majority shareholding. They were free to go their own way. To run their businesses at their own speed. "Of course,'we pointed out,"we'll be around to offer advice when you need it. But isn't that what friends are for?" Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation Limited. Please contact your local office, listed under Finance Companies in Yellow Pages. Head Office: Piercy House, 7 Copthall Avenue. London ECzR 7DD. Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1a-c France AD Air France DES André Frangois Tourism, tourisme, Fremdenverkehr Size: 30 23 cm, gravure, 4 col or b/w 2 Great Britain AD Industrial Commercial Finance Corporation Ltd AG Doyle, Dane, Bernbach DIR/DES Bob Wilson Financial service, services financières Offset, 4 col 3 Switzerland AD Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG/DES Hans Looser AG-Werbeagentur Newspaper, journal, Zeitung Size: 33 48.5 cm. Rotogravure, b/w 4 Great Britain AD First National City Bank, New York AG Rupert Chetwynd Partners DIR Jonathan Abbott DES Mike Norris Opening of new office. Ouverture d'un nouveau bureau, Eröffnung eines neuen Büros Offset, full col 5 USA AD National Broadcasting Company DIR/DES Dolores Gudzin Television sports show, émission de télévision sportive, Fernsehsportprogramm 56-57

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