"They keep pinching customeirs!" 1 I f k A few Italian hand signals you won't find in the Continental Guide. llRELLJ t 58-59 Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1 Holland AD Municipality of The Hague AG Nationale Publiciteits Onderneming BV DIR/DES Ge de Wilde 'Keep your town clean', 'Gardez votre ville propre', 'Halte Deine Stadt rein' Size: 42 59 cm, Rotation, b/w 2 Great Britain AD British Rail AG Lonsdale, Crowther DIR/DES M Rahr British Rail, corporate campaign, campagne promotionelle, Firmenkampagne 3a-b Great Britain AD Pirelli AG Derek Forsyth Partnership DIR Derek Forsyth DES Malcolm Story/Ed Skyner Pirelli tyres, pneus Pirelli, Pirelli Reifen Letterpress Italian motor-bike cops have a more difficult job to do than any other motor-bike cops in the world. Because the motorists they have to catch aren't ordinary motorists at all. They're Italian motorists. And they're something else. They're also our customers. Because we're the largest manufacturer of tyres in Italy. Over ten years ago, we realised that ordinary tyres just weren't good enough for the extraordinary Italian motorist. So we invented the textile radial ply tyre. And called it the Cinturato. The saipe superb tyre (incorporating continuous improvements) is made here in Britain, to fit most makes of car. They cost the same as other radial tyres. And they have more to offer than you may ever need. Which is nice to know, in case you ever do. If they can keep the Italians out of trouble, think what they can do for you. CINTURATO At first sight, it seems encouraging that Italian drivers use so many hand signals. The trouble is that most of them indicate disparaging observations on the ancestry of the driver In front rather than whether the signaller is turning left or right. This is hardly surprising, since he himself seldom knows which way he's turning until he's turning. You'll notice too that some signals require the use of both hands, which can be quite exciting at 150 Km an hour. This probably accounts for something unique in Italypassenger's hand signals. The most usual of these is both hands covering the eyes. Another popular passenger sign is that of the cross. As Italy's largest tyre manufacturer, Pirelli saw all this coming decades ago. and embarked on years of research and experiment which eventually resulted in the Pirelli Cinturato the first ever textile radial-ply tyre. it helped, to say the least. And we've been improving it steadily ever since, so things are still getting better. Best of all, we have factories in Britain too, so you can get the same superlative tyre at the same cost as other radial tyres. Even if you don't take your life in your hands every lime you drive, you'll be that much safer with a set of Cints under you. If they can keep the Italians out of trouble think what they can do for you IRELLI 4a Great Britain AD Transatlantic Records Ltd AG Aalders Marchant Weinrech DIR/DES John Ashcroft Freebie's campaign for records, promotion pour les disques Schallplattenkampagne 4b Great Britain AD Transatlantic Records Ltd AG Aalders Marchant Weinrech DIR Paul Leeves DES Terry Pastor Record promotion, promotion d'une disque, Werbung für Schallplatte 5 Germany AD Werbung in Rundfunk GmbH AG/DES Jon Pahlow Size: 21 30 cm, Letterpress

Modern Publicity en | 1972 | | page 63