ogni tanto Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1 a-b Switzerland AD Propagandazentrale der Schweizerischen Milchwirtschaft AG Gisler Gisler DIR Gebhard Schregenberger DES Fredy Steiner Cooking butter, beurre de cuisine, Kochbutter 2 France AD Perrier AG/DES Langelaan et Cerf PHOTO F. Giacobetti Mineral water Size: 34 x 25.8 cm, full col Mr Flavour says: Thirst... and how to quench it Mr Flavour, the Man lrom Givaudan. likes thirst quenching soft drinks He lakes a prolessional mierest in finding out what makes ones more popular ttian others That's why Mr Flavour spares no eftort in tracking down tint most exciting flavour types Excellent flavours are undoubtedly one of the most important selling factors for soft drinks He experiments untiringly trying out new rest until he has discovered the flavours that are most api>ealing to thirsty people Mr Flavour's suggestions lead to new flavours developed in our Creative These new flavours are then drink flavours again and again by independent totheAppli Mr Flavour's recommendation ensured that Bsrolko Flavours for good solt drinks re5ulls in the to ennch the taste of everyday hfe panels before they are cation Laboratory Ther they give the desire linished products ments of the Esrolk not all Belore the cialized they must be cleared by our marketing and production experts Only then can they be classified fit motion, embodying all the kr gained from our long years of experience Top-rank soft drink manufar turer Cnr/sll/n like Givaudan Givaudan have good soli tSTOIKO SurrayCa30YL 3 Switzerland AG Givaudan Dübendorf AG/CH AG Adolf Wirz Inc. Advertising DIR/DES F. Willi Flavour-essences, extraits de parfums, Aromatischer Extrakt Letterpress, 4 col 4 Great Britain AD H. Autran Ltd AG Progress Advertising Ltd DIR/DES Rex Argent Gauloises cigarettes, Zigaretten Letterpress, b/w 5 Spain AD Philips AG Consejeros de Publicidad SA DIR Luis Duran DES Jose Maillo Cookers Offset, 4 col 6 Italy AD Arflex-Limbiate (Milano) AG/DES Giancarlo lliprandi PHOTO Mauro Masera Furniture Offset, 4 col ARFLEX SPA LIMBIATE (MILANO) VIA MONTEROSA MILANO VIA BORGOGNA MILANO CORSO LOD1102 ROMA VIA DEL BABUINO 19 62-63

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