H 'm - Greetings cards, calendars Cartes de voeux, calendriers Glückwunschkarten, Kalender 1 a-b Germany AD Roland Offsetmaschinen, Faber Schleicher AG AG Olaf Leu Design DIR Olaf Leu ILL Josse G off in Offset machines Offset on artificial silk, 6 col. 2 Turkey DES Yurdaer Altintas Artist's own greetings card 3a 3b 3a-b Germany AD Zeichenbedarf Kannemann, Frankfurt AG/DES Olaf Gaumer Werbestudio Greetings card Offset 4 Germany AD/DES Jon P. Pahlow Christmas card 5 Germany AD Ludvik Feller DES Ludvik Feller Artists own Christmas greeting 6 Italy AD Promos DIR Bob Elliott DES John Alcorn Christmas card Offset trSidncy Pay. PeterMicbaelC-Clarr win Wood Welwyn tfcrtfordshire iTfesborouehDnvcTewui Frohe Weihnacht und ein neuesjahr voller Energie lüünschi Wilhelm Malkemus Grafik-Designer BDG Ttum pudding.a superior i stoned,onfpounS of currants well of suet, chopped very fine; about marry bread crumbs,a littiefirl preserved lemon-peel; thesame'1 citron, about ban a nutmeg gral of moist sugar mix all well together it well up, addabout a quarter of a brandy; mix all weutogrtner morem M, put it in.butbe it too much; let it be stif Stand upright, otherwise th. winch will spoil thelook if One poundtf raisins washed andvicked, a pound a pound of pour, and as c Spice, ana an ounce of quantity of orange-peel and cd.and a quarter cf a pound then break, in seven em stir pint of milk, and a guCof gjft should want a little ilthatyoudinotwet it must boil four hoitrs^m 7 Great Britain AD/DES Gina Sidney Day Christmas card/calendar Offset 8 Germany AD/DES Wilhelm Malkemus Greetings card Offset 9 France AD/DES Jose Torres Christmas card 1 90-1 91

Modern Publicity en | 1974 | | page 195