Fiat 126: la piü fedele delle piccole Fiat LONDON I OK CHILDRKN s of fun ill ki'iv, upstairs in the dizzy galleries I in Mouse, steamy jungle-trekking in the hot- >ccting the heruldie intrude of the Queen's lieusts. id to keu Gardens. rill. TOWF.R OF LONDON of history' splendid ORI.KNWICII ■cally nnutieiil duy out, with Cutty V.irfc.f>'ips>.Mnf/i/Yund National Maritime Museum. On the hill, the Obser- >ry. full of unti<|iie telescopes and astronomical gear. Icrgroiind to Surres Docks, then bus IA.70. IOSK, ISS: isli Kail to Maze Mill; I ndcrgroiind to Timer Hill. LONDON FOK YOl I his Pan Hooks London Transport Piccolo pupcrluick intended specially for children (and their parents) giscs place for tea. uhat to he sun-to see. «hen it's most enjoy able. whether you eau (or can't) take pushchairs. 'I.ondon for You" costs 25p at the London Transport Trutcl Lmpiiry otliees at Kuslon. hint's Cross. Oxford Circus. Piccadilly (.ireus. ieloria and St. James's Park Indcrground Stations. It can also be ordered (post free) from the PuhlicitV Olliccr. 2SH Old Marylebone Koad. MM 5KJ. The London Transport Collection OF HISTORIC VEHICLES AT SVON PARK. BRENTPORO Ruses, trams. Open evprv d.iv aSk Eft trolleybuses «xcept Christmas lyl m locomotives 'W' rtn rollingstock. n.iv 2T Jka—I posters signs, '"HO HOOor ZSnZZZlrrrt tickPtsand dusk 'whichever *«*- other exhibits is earlier' From April i open unriM<100 ^«wtrT-»' Admission ?sp 'Children ISpi rmrim Moony, rvnrt «wét* mnrr .a. RY LONDON TRANSPORT

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