i 11 TOSHIBA 3 Initiativ kan flytte borge This is the completeToshiba colourTV pre-mstallation testkit. Sorry about the thing we've left undone Toshiba colour TV-like any other TV though that's no excuse) - arrives at your place without a plug on the lead But unlike other TV, Toshiba colour sets never seem to need more than plugging up, plugging in and switching on Because, as long as there's power to the outlet and an unbiown fuse in the plug, a Toshiba colour set invariabiy shows a good picture as soon as it's out of its case. Reason (you guessed): Toshiba quality control. Every singte one of the 5,000Toshiba colour sets produced every working day is given a 24-hour, non-stop, switched-on irformance test in the factory right before into the carton. Obviously, any set in which Tostïiba Have perpetrated a boo-boo (-which what with ali our other tests, is mighty rare) doesn't get cartoned And you don't get. We reckon each Toshiba colourTV saves you at least an hour on normal pre- mstaMation service time. Post-installation, it saves you even more In fact Toshiba are so sure of their sets that they ve happily slapped a completely comprehensive warranty on them. A full year on parts and labour - and that applies to anything with Toshiba's name on it And a In Touch uvifcH Tomorrow separate two-year guarantee on TV tubes. And a five-year guarantee on transistors. At! of which, obviously, is pretty helpful stuff when you're se//mg Toshiba too. T here's nothing quite as convincing as putting your head on the block when every one can see that you don't reckon you are If you'd like more information about the safe-as-houses brinkmanship a Toshiba Sealer enjoys, we'll supply. Not that we re looking for thousands of stockists. Just the top (ew hundred. Write to Grainger Kitt, Toshiba (U K.) Ltd.. Toshiba House, Great South West Road, FeJtham, Middlesex. Press advertisements Annonces de Presse Zeitungs-lnserate 1 Germany AD Grünzweig Hartmann und Glasfaser AG DES Gerhard Berger PHOTO Walter Spahn Insulation, Isolation Offset 2 Switzerland AD Schlossberg Textil AG AG Hans Looser AG DIR/DES Dieter Egli PHOTO Felix Eidenbenz Bed linen, Draps de lit, Bettwasche Offset 3 Great Britain AD Toshiba (UK) Ltd. AG Osborne Advertising DIR/DES John Sutton PHOTO Stephen Coe Television set Offset 4 Great Britain AD Pillar Naco AG Interlink Advertising DIR/DES Mark Williams PHOTO John Thornton Louvre windows, Lucarnes, Fenster Letterpress 5 Denmark AD Berlingske Tidende AG Young Rubicam, Copenhagen DIR/DES Finn Krogh Jensen PHOTO Finn Rosted fotografi filmproduktion A/S Newspaper Sig din mening. Fortael hvordan du kunne taenke dig at gribe tingene an. Du kan ikke forvente, at andre kan gaette dine ensker. B.T.s spalter er ogsa dine. Vi er parat til at bakke dig op, si din mening bliver hert. Serg for, at det ikke kun er pi valgdagen, man har respekt for dig. Gi les pi livet Skriv til 1ST 5 60-61

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