looks at Guinness Slotts-strömming Das sind die besten Zacken im ganzen Land. Der neue SommerhilCoca-Cola mil CilromengCatc Erf risthend wie eirte kühle Brise, genussioll erte t Sommertag. L Mil dent Coupon können Sic das Wcrbemaierial plus 3-dl-Glaser bestellen. V' Coupon What? Guinness is a dry, dark and unusual baar. Well over 7 million glasses are drunk every day; we wanted to see why. For the basis of our tests, we took three kinds of Guinness: bottled, canned and draught All are widely available the bottied variety at all of Britain's 78,000 pubs, the draught at about half of them, and the can at selected pubs throughout the country. In addition, bottles and cans are in good supply at most dubs, off-licences and supermarkets. SIZES The bottles were available in several sizes, the cans in two, and the draught barrels In only one. The bottles and cans proved to be easily portable, the barrels did not. We do not recommend, therefore, that What readers purchase Guinness in barrels for home consumption. OPENABILITY Apart from one incident mentioned below, all the Guinness tested was found easy to get at. The crown cape came off easily with an ordinary bottle-opener; Boy Scout belts also worked quite well, but you might run up quite a bill for cosmetic dentistry If you attempt the job with your teeth. The screw-tops worked well on the whole, especially after our members were reminded that the idea was to turn them anti-dockwise. The ring-pulls were very effective. The barrels, however, required some rather elaborate plumbing arrangements, and once again we would not recommend their use in the home, unless of course the home in question is a pub. OUR TESTERS'EXPERIENCES In our last Issue, we asked for volunteers to sample Guinness for us; we received about two million replies. This is vastly more than the total circulation of What?, and wa think this enthusiasm may be partly due to the fact that some people thought we were going to pay for any Guinness they sampled. This was not the case. However, we did receive some useful Information; the following points seem to be the most important. FAULTS ON DELIVERY There were very few of these. One bottle had a crooked label which was curiously folded so that the name on it read 'GUESS'. One can had to be attacked with secateurs when its owner could find no ring-pull on the top. He later discovered that there was a ring-pull on the bottom. We felt that this was rather Impractical, and the manufacturers have promised to look Into it One man found a chip In his pint glass (this proved to have fallen from a nearby scampi basket and can be Ignored for the purposes of this survey). QUALITY This turned out to be very consistent and generally high. One reader received what he thought was a slightly below-standard pint and complained to the landlord that he had a flat head. This merely prompted an enquiry as to whether that was why he always wore a flat hat. COLOUR Here again, the consistency was remarkable. Guinness is usually referred to as being black and white; in fact the heads of bottled and canned Guinness are a little darker or more 'beige' than their draught counterparts. But 'black and beige' doesn't have quite the same ring to It somehow, and It would be churlish to object One draught drinker found that his Guinness had a purple head, but on investigation this appeared to be oonnected with a light-show forming part of a disco In the saloon bar, and the complaint was not taken seriously. WHAT8 IN A GUINNESS? Some people had some very strange Ideas about tha Guinness recipe. Many thought it was a secret like the one for Worcestershire sauce. One of our team was overcome with an acute attack of melancholy whan he discovered that Guinness has water In It, We wish him a speedy recovery. In fact the other ingredients are hops, yeast and barley, not necessarily In that order. CONCLUSIONS Our testers were, by definition. Guinness drinkers, and they all said how much they enjoyed It. Some preferred draught Guinness; some drank only the bottled variety, and some preferred the cans; while some liked draught and bottled, or cans and draught or vice versa. Of those who had a choice, more drank one than the other, one drank more than tha other, some didn't and In one case, all three, particularly If he was at home on Saturdays, whan he enjoyed one with tha football. We find this conclusive and would therefore pick, as Joint best buys; CANNED GUINNESS BOTTLED GUINNESS DRAUGHT GUINNESS KEY: «Worsethan e« SOTTUO 0UINNE9S i ««Average «««Better then average IBO QUINNE6S DRAUGHT GUINNISS Durability of heed recommend Gulnnesa to frisnde 10,000 *On« m»mb«f would nol reoomnwnd Bulniw» to H«nd« b«ceu«« h« f«tt lh«r« would be mor» lor Mm tf la fc»pt W10 Mmwlf. I kg strömming 112— 1 dl vispgradde 1 aggula 2 112 msk Slotts Senap 3 msk klippt dill Till panering: Ragmjöl, 2 tsk salt Till stekning Smör eller margarin Rensa och bena ur strömmingen. Blanda gradde, aggula, Slotts Senap och hnklippt dill. Doppa strömmingarnas insidor i blandningen. Vik ihop och vand strömmingarna i ragmjöl. Salta och stek dem lackert bruna. Tillsammans med pressad potatis mat for finsmakare! Senap fran Slotts. For smakens skull! 4a Atlantis Hotel Zurich aj^a Wagqis zu class Ao I-. Mi.- .-\- "k :i\ Sie sind aus herrlicher Schokolade, /artem Honig und natürlich vielen feinen Mandeln. I >W,„mk /.ulbiucr T»URMB' SKrJT-

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