mmm mmm 2S sfHtl mw® RKOCM. Typefaces Caractères Schrifttypen 1a-b Great Britain AD Letraset International AG Butler Cornfield Dedman Ltd. DIR Curt Dwyer DES Paul Butler COPY Curt Dwyer 2 Germany AD Typo Gartner AG/DES Fröbisch type faces, caractères d'lmprimerie 3 Germany AD Berthold Fototype AG/DES Christof Gassner typeface 4 Great Britain AD Letraset DES ln-house-studio typeface prospectus 5a-b Germany AD/AG H. Berthold AG DIR Götz Gunnar Gorissen DES Wolfgang Schulze photosetting equipment 6 Great Britain AD/DES Letraset promotion Letragraphica 7 Brazil AD Letraset do Brasil AG DIA Design Ltda. DIR Gil L. Strunck DES Renato Gomes ILL Gil L. Strunck, Renato Gomes, Helga Fish, Monica Andrade Letrasef s history is a part of the development of modem typography. The origins of this role lie in the attitudes of the company's founders, whose earlier experience gave them an intimate knowledge of type and its uses. Instant Lettering was conceived through this understanding of the designer's typographic requirements. Before transfer lettering was available, artists indicated type by drawing and painting letters in the style required. It was time consuming and tedious. But Instant Lettering meant that accurate lettering could be produced in a fraction of the time. On finished artwork, the effect was similar The standard approach of sending display roughs to the printer or typesetter for final setting was supplanted by the artist using the new product to do it himself Typography moved from the printer's domain to the designerVone of the reasons for the much wider creative use of display type in recent years. 1a 1b IJKLM "A y/ir At V,

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